Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fourteen Political Points

Here are some of my thoughts this morning while pondering the latest developments on the Republican side of the current presidential campaign season.

  1. Trump is NOT a Republican. 
  2. Trump has hijacked the Republican Party to feed his own narcissism and attention whoring addiction.
  3. Trump is NOT a Conservative as Conservatives have been pointing out all along..... a certain non-Conservative New Jersey governor just endorsed Trump.... case closed. 
  4. The Republican Party is the conservative party in modern American politics. 
  5. Trump attracts the sort of people who are de facto anti-Republicans and non-Conservatives (arch-Conservatives support Cruz whereas Trump conservatives are the lower-case "c" variety). 
  6. The Republican Party has both the right and the duty to purge its Presidential campaign of interloping parasitic posers. 
  7. The Republican Party wants to defeat Hillary and that is its duty. 
  8. Donald Trump has even higher negative numbers than Hillary which is remarkable and while her's remain the same, Trump's negative numbers continue to grow.... his candidacy in the general election would hand the White House to Hillary. 
  9. In a nationwide election, Trump would lose to either Hillary or Bernie. 
  10. Trump is the zombie apocalypse of the Republican Party. 
  11. Romney is more presidential and electable (he barely lost to Obama in 2012 when I voted for him). 
  12.  Trump will probably come to the convention in the delegate lead but not by much, the other candidates will pool their delegates with Romney and the super-delegates will put Romney over the top. 
  13. Romney can beat Hillary unlike Trump. 
  14. Trump will return to reality TV, professional wrestling. and his ongoing feud with Rosie O'Donnell.

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