Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Graphic of the Day - Climate Changed WX Map

I grabbed this off of the NOAA-NWS main webpage tonight because it so struck me in both its oddness and how often this oddness happens nowadays that used not to not that very long ago. This is a few days into an El Niño Spring and look how weird is this weather pattern! For weeks there has been late winter wildfire problem in the middle part of the nation which is Red Flag Warned (high fire danger) in darker pink. Facing it is a line of duller-pink-marked Winter Storm Warnings (snow and wind, etc.) approaching from the north which is more seasonable weather but it is not seasonable for these two very different types of weather to be so near to one another and especially this early in the year. A new normal appears to be establishing itself year to year now. Image courtesy of NOAA/NWS (all rights reserved).

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