Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Flies Better Than A Pterodactyl

Last night at Schooners Wharf Restaurant & Bar near the end of their annual July 4th party, employee Kat acting as their in-house deejay played this tune which got the whole house dancing like no other track played all night. I was infected by it myself but managed to avoid dancing except inside my mind. I had to know what this track was called and by whom so I ascended to the second story and tracked down Kat who was on the roof which by this point acted as stage for Kat deejaying and periodic go-go dancing. I learned from her assistant who was playing it off his iPhone that it was "Flight Of The Pterodactyl" by Dirtybird BBQ-co-founder Christian Martin & Iranian-American producer Ardalan, this being the first sampling ever on this blog of yet another subgenre of electronica called "tech-house." I may need to check out more techno-house this summer and see how many more tracks of this quality can be found. A better audio sampling of this track can be heard HERE.

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