Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trance Is Back In Higher Place

I have not shared music here in quite some time. To kick off my return to doing so, I'm reconnecting with my trance roots by sharing the stunning progressive trance gem "Higher Place" released last May by Russian progressive trance and progressive house master producer Artem Stoliarov a.k.a. Arty under the auspices of his long-abandoned/newly-resumed Alpha 9 alias/side project. There is a point in this track where it is impossible for me to not get chills. Can you guess at which point that is? In recent years I have come to fear that trance music was wholly passé now. I feared that there was no more new beauty and quality left in the sub-genre by artists producing the new stuff as it has become mostly saturated with commercialism and imitation. Arty has generated several progressive trance gems, last year into this year, not one whole month done. I intend to share some of them here with you in the coming weeks. Crank up your sound system and enjoy!

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