Thursday, August 18, 2016

ECR-View of Chimney Fire

Today I was in Atascadero for a few hours visiting mom and helping her a little bit. While up town running an errand I was in awe with how dramatic the Chimney Fire west of Paso Robles appeared from the main thoroughfare of town, to wit, El Camino Real (known to many locals as ECR for brevity). As the fire blew up this afternoon, finally exceeding 11,000 acres, it was visible right up the street looking northwestwards. It has essentially made its way into the eastern reaches of the Santa Lucia Mountains and will be around for awhile.
I'm having some issues with my DSLR but I was able to capture this which features the Chimney Fire's header in the background and a Cal Fire crew bus turning north onto El Camino Real from the freeway off-ramp.
I took this image of the fire from the same location (on El Camino Real in front of Adobe Plaza) but with my iPhone 4 camera for which I am not yet proficient, having only recently acquired it. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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