Saturday, August 20, 2016

No More "I Love You's"

Part of me died tonight. I am too soon an orphan. My heart is broken: betrayed, exploited, taken for granted..... lied to too often. My best friend died long ago.... replaced by my very worst enemy: Enemy Mine! Tonight I wish I had never existed.... had never been born. I'm a broken sinner and deserve far worse than I have endured or ever will endure. Yet, I do not deserve this from that person.... the one who should have always been in my corner from my cradle to their grave. What the fuck happened? I am certain I have done all I can for them and then some; now I must save myself. Their ship is sinking.... if I'm too close they will suck me down with them. Tonight I feel that pull already acting upon me. Tomorrow I say goodbye until eternity. I guess I hardly knew ye. The song below is a perfect anthem for this Greek tragedy.

Tonight I also got to thinking about this song HERE which I shared on this space nearly 3 years ago. I did not realize then it would later likewise speak perfectly for me in regards to how I feel in this moment.

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