Sunday, August 7, 2016

Powerful Songs I Heard Tonight

Tonight I worked a small music concert at Castoro Cellars on the westside of Paso Robles, CA. After parking most of the cars for the 400 or so guests I went inside the venue and guarded the stage from anybody rushing it during the two band's performances. What ensued was probably my most magical live music experience ever. New York-based Great Caesar got things started off for the Seattle-based headliner Allen Stone. Great Caesar performed a haunting song entitled "Don't Ask Me Why" and their live performance far surpassed the energy of their studio performance that is featured in their LGBT-preachy official music video for the song. Their official music video detracts from the otherwise great song whose lyrics have nothing to do with that controversial subject matter. Anywho, listen to this other live performance of this wonderful song in the music player below.

The headliner Allen Stone was amazing. I was surprised to see such a quality performance in such a small venue. This guy is great! Aside from his great talent and zealous passion and the meaningfulness of the songs he performed, was his strong connection with the crowd. I've never watched anybody so connected and connecting with an audience in a concert. It helped that the audience was allowed to stand right up in front of the stage which enabled greater intimacy between artist and audience. Of course, great wine helped lubricate the overall mood of the crowd which was warm and fuzzy on a perfect North County August evening where the sea breeze through the Templeton Gap had the atmospheric thermostat set at the perfect temperature, neither hot nor cold. Stone performed a thought-provoking song entitled "American Privilege" and his live performance with the crowd surpassed the energy and charisma of the studio session version of the song featured in the player below which is nonetheless a great performance.

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