Saturday, August 27, 2016

Scripture of the Day - Jesus Christ (John 8:32)

Today, fairly early on I actually sat down with the Lord and read in my Bible a little bit for a change of pace instead of running screaming out the door attacking my day under-prepared for the impending and inevitable spiritual battles to follow.  I read the entirety of John 8 and when I reached verse 32 it jumped off the page at me. I immediately knew it referred to what God has been revealing to me this week about my Loved One. These are unpleasant and heart-wrenching and bitterly disappointing revelations. However, they explain so much that has made no sense to me for so long and has felt so terribly frustrating. Indeed, I feel like I am being released even as my heart breaks and I feel lonelier than I ever have before.... at least in a familial context.
".... And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free." 
~ John 8:32 (Kimicus ad Absurdum translation)

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