Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Favorite Love Songs

I have not had the love itch scratched in longer time than I'd prefer. I long for the feeling of loving someone so bad it hurts and feeling miserable when they are not around and feeling lit up inside my soul by the very fact of their existence. I felt this once or twice before and want to experience it again, but this time with the right person at the right time when I'm ready and they are, too. Meanwhile, I have found contentment in being single unless/until God provides me with a suitable mate, cold showers notwithstanding in the meantime. I being the hopeless romantic type, find a measure of contentment in enjoying certain songs which give me a mere slight measure of the savor of being in love. The following list features songs which to me hold the most meaning and emotional power as it pertains to being in love or otherwise reveal important aspects of romantic/erotic love relationships. In some cases they are songs that when they came out I enjoyed them immeasurably internalizing them into how I felt at the time and they have captured in my memory the then-new, powerful and mysterious feelings of sexual and emotional passion I was feeling as I passed through puberty or later when I was resuming living again. These songs appear in the order in which they were released near as I can determine.

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