Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hell Fire vs. Holy Fire

Hell Fire viewed from Air Attack. Image courtesy of Cal Fire (all rights reserved).
This afternoon en route home from Atascadero High School I noticed an impressive header up north somewhere apparently out west from Paso Robles. It turned out it was a then-serious-looking wildfire christened the Hell Fire burning along Nacimiento Lake Drive (G-14) in heavy fuels. Fortunately, with all the firefighting resources in the area due to the now-winding-down Chimney Fire, this new fire was heavily assaulted on the initial attack which succeeded in limiting it to about eight acres. Upon my return home I noticed mentions on Twitter of an incident in Southern California christened the Holy Fire in Trabuco Canyon in the O.C. In the same day there was a Hell Fire and a Holy Fire in California! What's up with that?! Note: by this evening I'm noticing that the Hell Fire is alternately being referred to as the Hill Fire. However, I'm sticking with the original version because that's what it was known as most of the day.

Holy Fire as viewed from Trabuco Canyon area. Image courtesy of Cal Fire (all rights reserved)

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