Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Cups

I find it a curious thing that many of my Christian brothers and sisters are getting their panties in a wad about this Starbucks red cup tempest in a teapot. Secular Starbucks is trying to go the way of contemporary society's secular trend and tone down the Chistian-esque aspects of Christmas. Many Christians in response to this secularization are getting discomfited. This reaction is utter foolishness. Two thousand years ago God foretold that this would happen and it is happening right on time and it is His will. Christians who get hot and bothered by it are getting sucked into the infantile and myopic Culture War and ignoring the Big Picture. What is happening is supposed to happen so chill out, Christian people!

This discomfiture is also utterly ludicrous when juxtaposed with what other Christians in many other parts of the world are enduring at the hands of Islamists who are martyring them, sometimes en mass. With all that is going on out there to other Christians in the Developing World, for you alleged Christians in America living in relative affluence and safety to get up in arms over a damned red coffee cup indicates you are a faithless fool!

Many of these same idiot Christians also claim to believe in freedom and liberty and yet would deprive Starbucks' right to put anything they want on their coffee cups! This is tyranny by Christians upon the wicked to whom these Christians ought to be reaching out and ministering to them. If you don't like the secular trend of society then do something about it that is actually effective and being an asshole is not one of them.

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