Thursday, November 12, 2015

Graphic of the Day - What A Difference A Decade Makes

A decade ago a weak El Niño was underway which contrary to typical weak El Niños brought a tremendous amount of rain to California yet without disastrous flooding or mudslides. That was 2005, while this is now 2015 which finds California in the midst of the most powerful El Niño ever recorded (according to some metrics) and yet is still in its worst drought on record which is in its third year (not the longest on record but definitely the most severe). It would seem that if past patterns hold true this winter then this drought will either come to an end or at least be significantly reduced. Above is a comparison of nearby Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio. The water level difference is obvious between wet El Niño year and the third year of a crippling drought.
Image courtesy of NASA (all rights reserved).

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