Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tale of Two Syrian Refugee Memes

Liberals and Conservatives think and act the same way and must be grouped together taxonomically given their similarities. Their collective group comprises seemingly of some of the dumbest members of the human race now walking the earth. They are also some of the most horrible human beings prone to ugly outbursts of hatefulness. Below are two memes I ripped tonight from the Facebook Walls of two of my Facebook "friends." They are tangible evidence of Conservatives' and Liberals' vile and pseudo-intellectual tendencies.

Conservative anti-Syrian refugee meme employing logical fallacy.
Actually, ALL of those snakes would bite you and most probably none of those refugees would attack you.
Conservatives are snakes!
Liberal pro-Syrian refugee meme employing logical fallacy.
In 1939 there were not incidents of Jewish refugees blowing shit up and shooting up concert halls in Europe.
Liberals are worse than Nazis!

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  1. Isn't interesting that Democrats fail to mention that it was in fact Democrats that refused the entry of the SS St. Louis!