Saturday, February 20, 2016

One Of My Typical Facebook Rants

Karen, first off: STOP! You [climate change] deniers ALWAYS try to divert the subject into arguments which ignore actual observable changes that are taking place (because they are the most damning against your belief system) in favor of obfuscation over data sets of temperatures gathered, computer models, etc.

Then, you posit a hackneyed old Right-wing conspiracy theory along the lines of the John Burch Society about global control of people (as if Conservatives also aren't interested in control via oil companies, etc). You do this while ignoring mountains of observations to go along with the reams of data you can't effectively refute, try as you may.

Your assertion that there is "no unusual pattern of warming" is contradicted by the facts! Those of us who are life-long weather watchers and atmospheric science geeks know this from personal observation.

You mention a short-term and lesser warming in the 1860's as a red-herring because it is not the same order of magnitude AND you make the error of suggesting that internal combustion engines are synonymous with industrialization. There was plenty of industrialization before there were cars and there were internal combustion engines before there were cars and as far back as the 1860s.

The charge that there is a financial incentive to publish research that supports Climate Change ignores the fact there is more money to be made publishing the opposite as the Fossil Fuel Industry will pay any hack his price to publish in support of them. Their problem is there are not enough unethical scientists out there willing to sell their souls to Big Oil & Co. It's not about people not wanting to be bad guys and not speak the truth. It's about truth being rejected out of hand by people like you in favor of a culturally and politically-derived view.

The irony is that the Climate Change denier crowd are the ones praising the emperor for his clothes that are not. Clearly you are unaware of all the changes taking place all around the world all the time that all reflect one single climatic trend and this has all happened relatively quickly. 

Just one example is how fast the Arctic and adjacent regions have changed. The militaries of many nations ringing it have had to adjust to knew and warmer climate regimes. This is why the U.S. military is one of the most climate change-engaged branches of the government. They have to operate in various capacities in zones where things are changing and they see it. It's not a matter of politics but of acknowledging reality. 

The nations bordering the Arctic have already had to conduct negotiations regarding access and navigation routes so as to avoid conflict. Russia is aggressively seeking to develop oil fields on their north that were previously inaccessible due to the old climate. 

Epic boreal forest fires in Asia and North America are the summer norm now as are thunderstorms much further north much more commonly in summer. Snow-free sections of the Iditorad Race are more common in more recent decades. 

Warming of permafrost is something that is now having to be dealt with by stakeholders in northern latitudes such as oil companies, highway departments, etc. 

Growing season lengthening, glacial retreat, thermal expansion of the oceans causing rising sea levels, more ice-free ocean leading to more coastal erosion affected Native American coastal communities, etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum. 

You seem ignorant of much reality in favor of a sheltered little worldview driven by petty domestic politics and the Culture War which is used to great effect to distract people on both the Right and the Left. Keep on drinking your Kool-Aid.


  1. It was the John Birch Society, to be accurate.

  2. Thanks, RB, I fixed it. That was a real FB post and thus it was knocked out quick and not checked for misspellings and such.