Saturday, February 27, 2016

Something About Christian Weddings

Tonight I worked a wedding at Santa Margarita Ranch involving a young couple who were truly Christian people. This was probably my fourth wedding of such a devout couple. I have noticed a cute pattern to such weddings which continued last night. Whereas secular weddings always go as late as the venue allows, the young Christian couples are always in a hurry to get away as early as possible and the music invariably ends at 9 p.m. and the party breaks up at that point.

One other cute thing about tonight's wedding was that the couple (Nolan and Kelly Scott) have known each other since kindergarten. They grew up in the same Assembly of God church in Sunland, CA, and remained in each other's orbit. By their senior year of high school he asked her to be his prom date which seemed to kindle things. Subsequently, they both attended Biola University from whence they recently graduated. He asked her to marry him while visiting her on her study abroad program in London, England.

In this day and age of jaded cynicism, it is inspiring to know that such people, undoubtedly human and imperfect, nonetheless find the means (through Christ) to live a life conducted in such a way. My work partner, Mike, and I prayed for this couple's wedding and marriage on the drive to work not yet knowing we were praying for this union of two awesome young people.

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