Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ice Rain Is Cool And Hot

As I stated in a previous post this week, I find my primary musical home to be in the electronica sub-genre of progressive house and deep house. However, that is not to say I do not still derive great pleasure from listening to trance music, especially progressive trance and old school trance from the Golden Age of trance music in the 1990's. Below is one such track is the Solid Sleeps Cyber Rain Mix of "Ice Rain" by Alex Whitcombe And Big C which I have been listening to lately on my car stereo while playing Tiesto's 1998 Magik Earth: Far From Earth album. I love the psychedelic water graphics of the accompanying music video which together really capture the culture of the time. I missed out on it apart from starting to listen to the music in early 2001. During that period I found this sort of music and this song in particular healing to my mind and soul.

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