Friday, April 15, 2016

My Top Ten Reflections On Turning 46

Today I turned 46 years old at about 4 a.m. this morning. It has been a strange journey getting here and I have no reason to doubt that will continue. However, God is great and has seen me along my journey every step of the way... even during those times in which I was not acknowledging Him, which sadly, would be most of this journey until recently. Below are my top ten reflections upon this milestone.
  1. No birthday sex for me again this year.... of course I'd put that first, I'm a guy!
  2. I feel more middle aged now than I ever have before... actually, I feel middle aged at all for the first time ever in my life.... probably more from the physical and emotional strain of the weight I've gained.
  3. I spent the day with my mother and grandmother in Fremont, CA, (mom and I drove up there together for the day) on my birthday for the first time in longer than I can remember. 
  4. Celebrating my birthday in Fremont was not originally planned for the day until about week or two before and turned out to be my most memorable birthday in years.... for all the right reasons as the day was magical. 
  5. At grandmother's senior living apartment complex I tried their counterweight scale and discovered my own electronic scale at home is off by about six pounds... and I actually weigh 300 pounds precisely!
  6. Mom and I had been worried about my grandmother's health deteriorating over the past year due to her pelvis-breaking fall last year and her minor heart attack several weeks ago.... part of the reason for spending day with her was to check on her.... she seems as robust now as before her fall last year!
  7. All three of us have had a rough past six months or so: grandmother had the fall and pelvic break last year and recent minor heart attack, mom had a series of medical problems during this time which saw her in the hospital more than once, and I have achieved my heaviest weight ever as I continue to gain weight while going to Cal Poly. 
  8. One of the servers at grandmother's senior living apartment complex caught my eye. Aside from being a naturally beautiful young woman, her rather un-American demeanor and personality (she being an immigrant from southwestern Asia) was appealing and refreshing as she was demure, reserved, gracious, patient, kind, and classy in a way most American females fall short of in one or more ways.
  9. Once again mom and I got into a weighty discussion and analysis of family history and the big picture in our lives as we always seem to do driving to and from Fremont (especially back from in the evening en route home). We've been doing this for the past few to several years running.
  10. My Facebook people showed up for my birthday as 160 different people from various aspects of my life (church, high school, college, rockhounding world, J. Vernon McGee listeners, etc.) who are in my Facebook world wished me birthday greetings.
  11. Did I mention I did not get birthday sex again this year?

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