Friday, December 12, 2014

A Tale Of Two T-Storm Pics

I visited the 911 Supply House in Paso Robles this afternoon. I did some Christmas shopping there AND talked to the co-owner Jim Fritsche who founded and directs the North San Luis Obispo County CERT of which I am a member. We talked about a great many things and by the time I left to head home the weather had dramatically changed outside. This dying storm cell on the backside of the huge Pacific storm which passed through last night was incredible in both storm structure and color. Combined with the perfect angle of setting sun through a rain-washed atmosphere it was like nothing I remember seeing heretofor in the North County.

I usually take my camera with me everywhere I go but neglected to do so on this outing which undoubtedly was the reason this scene unfolded when and where it did. Jim captured the scene in the top-most image below and shared it with us. I captured the image below it on my cell phone a short time later on my walk home as I rushed (too late) to get back to my house (and camera). The glow-glare from this cloud complex turned everything a surreal peach color which dramatically greeted me when I stepped out the door to leave.
Photo by Jim Fritsche (all rights reserved).
Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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