Friday, December 5, 2014

No Ebola ~ No Ebola

About a month ago Englishman David England gave the human race the the gem of a map below (topmost). He did so in response to the mass hysteria this year in regards to the 2014 West African ebola outbreak hoping to place it in perspective by means of employing quintessentially English dry wit. This local epidemic in reality was/is a tempest in a teapot compared to more mundane but deadly killers like pneumonia, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

In response to that and perhaps the concerns of some thin-skinned Africans that the map unintentionally stigmitizes the afflicted parts of Africa a second map was created in a similar vein of sarcasm by Nikem Kalu (bottommost).

Note: ebola has since spread to Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal but to a lesser extent (thus far). 

Courtesy of Anthony England (all rights reserved).
Courtesy of Nikem Kalu (all rights reserved).

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