Saturday, December 27, 2014

Some Guys Get All The Luck w/ Somebody's Baby

Today I overheard Jackson Browne's 1982 hit "Somebody's Baby." This timeless gem of romantically and sexually unfulfilled angst and yearning has long haunted me. It is the anthem of my mostly solitary existence, devoid of any enduring or satiating or fully healthy love yet frequented by fleeting encounters with the tantalizingly unattainable. To be quite honest it never occurred to me during previous encounters with this early '80's pop classic that it was Browne who performed it (and co-wrote it).

Thinking of this song reminded me of the other anthem of my life-long love-life frustrations stoked in part by my more recent (in the past decade) propinquity with quite desirable yet unattainable women. That other anthem is Rod Stewart's 1984 hit "Some Guys Get All The Luck," another great '80's pop track.

The most pathetic thing about my association with these songs is the fact that back in the '80's both of them elicited in me the same sort of primal angst as now. The more things change the more they don't. The women I desire I cannot acquire. The women expressing interest in me I'm not interested in them. I often feel this is my fate for life. I sometimes lament that I may very well spend the rest of my days alone in perpetual singleness all the while in plain view of those who have successfully acquired The One.  However, I am learning to let go and just give this to God which is yet another area of my life drawing me closer to God.

I am fully determined to never again force matters in regards to women as I have done on two occasions in the past eight years. Being with the wrong woman feels worse than being alone. In solitary aloneness at least one can at times feel empowered in emotional self-sufficiency.

End of pity-potty party! But, hey, it's my pity-potty party and I can cry if I want to...

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