Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Covfefe Coverage

Enough already with this covfefe thing.... I can't stand the guy either, but for chrissakes haven't we all mistyped before? Hell, I'm as bad a pedant as there is on earth and even I sometimes send something out across social networks that my fingers or finger-brain connection garbles. There is plenty to mock about this guy without nitpicking nits. This kind of autistic fuckery on the part of the smug and snarky "progressive" Left is how Trump came to power in the first place.... please don't help him remain in power by seeming to validate the decision by Trump voters to be Trump voters. 

*Note: I have made a few snarky posts here and there myself on social networks about "covfefe", but that did not last long and I do that regarding just about anything containing any humor value.

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