Friday, October 17, 2014

A Healing Afterburn on "North Pole"

I first encountered this trance gem from the Golden Age of Trance upon first listening to Tiesto's 2000 album Magic Six: Live In Amsterdam which I purchased circa 2002. During that time I was really starting to come out of my funk although I had a long way to go at that point. One of the big things I did to heal myself to the degree was an exercise of my own agency and not that of God was listening to trance music, particularly while on frequent road trips. I don't know why it helped me but it did and that is all that mattered then or now. It was the right music at the right time for me. Music therapy is not without scientific precedent as some of you perhaps know. Anywho, this song by Afterburn a.k.a. Agnelli & Nelson was the great intro to this album and that version is featured in the player below. Note: an aurally awesome and musically masterful transition occurs at the 3:30 mark.

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