Thursday, October 30, 2014

Of Island-Tippers & Intertubes

Of late I have for the umpteenth time encountered one of my friends indulging themselves on Facebook in that most modern of internet pastimes, seeking group validation in a political-cultural-tribal context by way of mentally-emotionally masturbating themselves by posting a graphic claiming to list several embarrassingly dumb quotes from members of the party opposite. This, as if the same thing could not be done featuring members of their own party. Worse yet, it exposes a dearth of intellectual sophistication and emotional maturity within that person severe enough to delude them into believing that if the side opposite can somehow be proven to be bad that necessarily means that person's group is automatically right. Of course, this mindset precludes the possibility that BOTH sides of the political aisle are wrong, something that reality proves every single day which is obvious to those whom deign to notice the obvious.

In the spirit of blowing up that sort of nonsense and putting things into perspective by way of a tiny sampling, below are two roughly two-minute long clips of stupidity by members of both political parties. The topmost movie player features currently-serving Georgia Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson's now-infamous concern that Guam might tip over if too many people live on the island. The movie player below it features the late former Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens' now-infamous description of the internet as being a series of tubes. Enjoy the bi-partisan stupidity!

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