Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chillin' With Mike, Not Mick

After hanging out with Jon & Family for quite a while today Jannine Dow and her mom and I were joined in Jon's hospital room by Mike "Mick" Mariotti. Mike joined us in junior high school and continued with us into high school in the Class of 1989 continuum. After high school he left the area and ended up in San Diego County. Mike was unaware until recently that Jon is also living in San Diego County. Jannine and Mike kept in touch since high school. When she knew she was headed down to see Jon this weekend she invited Mike to join us which he did tonight. It was a happy reunion without an iota of awkwardness. I was quite pleased to meet Mike again after so many years. Over the course of time Mike has developed into an impressive Godly man. After bidding Jon & Family adieu for the evening Mike and the three of us headed to Old Town with Mike and his girlfriend as our tour guides. Mike guided us to dinner at Cafe Coyote.
*Note: Mike Mariotti wants it known that Mick Mariotti is dead and the "Mick" Facebook account is a joke of sorts.
**Note: Check out these other related adventures experienced on this trip:

From left: Mike Mariotti, Laura Marsh, and Jannine Dow.
I don't like the look of the fat, creepy guy at right... what the hell happened to him?
Our little group congregating in front of Cafe Coyote.
Our little group headed into this amazing Mexican restaurant.
The Cadillac margarita in the middle foreground was an amazing experience, good for a light buzz.
I loved the architecture of this place. Jannine and Patsy headed out at left.
Patsy, Mike, and Jannine from left. Jannine is holding a CD of the music of Mike's metal band Mojave Green.
Mike and Jannine holding a classic Barren Cross vinyl Jannine brought for old time's sake.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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