Saturday, January 17, 2015

Surprising Jon

Just 48 hours ago I found out my nearly life-long friend Jon Marsh was possibly dying. Apparently, he has been suffering from an infection while also contending with heart failure for which he is awaiting a heart transplant.

I first met Jon in the first week of February, 1982, on the first day of the second semester of 5th grade. That was my first day of school ever at Santa Rosa Road Elementary School in Atascadero, CA. We stayed close until high school when we fell into different orbits. After high school (Class of 1989) our paths diverged entirely. However, in more recent years he and I have reconnected and our lives have re-converged.

My friend Jannine Dow whom I've know just about as long having attended the same schools and grown up in the same neighborhood as Jon and I was aware of Jon's condition. She decided to go down to San Diego and visit him at UCSD's cardiac hospital. She invited me to join she and her mom Patsy on an impromptu holiday weekend trip down to the University of California San Diego's Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center where Jon has been receiving treatment.

In the past I would have gratefully declined given I am recovering from the flu I contracted last week and fought into earlier this week. Consequently, I have gotten behind in my studies as a result of that illness. However, having elected to continue last year's theme of getting outside my comfort zone and trying new things I accepted Jannine's offer with God's blessing to do so.

We drove down to San Diego today from the Central Coast arriving somewhat late but in time to see Jon before checking into our motel in the Midway District. With Jon's wife Laura's help we were able to surprise Jon tonight upon our arrival this evening. Below are some images I shot of the encounter which are shown in the order captured.

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The plotters gather around the corner from Jon's room sallying forth for the surprise.
Surprise face!
Whose your daddy? That's right!
From left: Laura, Jon, and Jannine.
How come he has no gray hair and I do?
Brandon at right is Jon and Laura's adopted son who has adopted me as Uncle Kim.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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