Monday, January 19, 2015

Jon Meets Mario

Tonight Jon was released from the hospital. After what Jon and his family have been through we felt it apropos to treat the Marsh Family to a dinner party at Hancock Street Cafe with Mario holding court. As the evening played out it was the perfect coda to our visit. Jon had a blast and seemed to be greatly cheered up as was his wife Laura it seemed. After the couple had left who was already there when we arrived, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Well, aside from Mario's lovely and talented daughter who was there visiting and also helped Mario some by playing gracious hostess a little bit.
*Note: for more adventures experienced on this trip check out these:

Jon being a silly savage...
... and his son riding in the saddle tracking down our dinner.
Oh dear, Brandon went and did it this time.... offering Jon a gnome's tushy to kiss is asking for trouble.
Pucker up, big boy!
Jon's Special Pizza... Mario's own invention. Note the meatball in the center: a custom touch.
Jon picking his nose for more pizza toppings.
Brandon needed a hug while we awaited our main course.
Brandon liked pulling on this bell a little too much.
I better hurry up and get married before I reach that age.
And so it began: Mario's dinner show began with the Mario Shuffle.
If I can't have Weird Al Yankovick then I'd gladly take Mario.
Jon and Mario connecting.
Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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