Sunday, December 25, 2016

Picture of the Day - Face of 97 Christmases

Today mom and I celebrated Christmas with my paternal grandmother, Martha Virginia Noyes. at her apartment in Fremont, CA. She is my sole remaining grandparent and she is ninety-seven years-old. I am grateful beyond words she is still in my life and indeed that she is more a part of my life now than at any time in my adult life given how our relationship has improved over the course of the past several years following a series of rocky periods prior to that thaw stretching back to my adolescence. I have matured and grown a lot as has Grandma who has blossomed and thrived since her husband died in 1998 at age 80. This mirrors her own mother's life who also blossomed and thrived after her own husband died. Grandma had a minor heart attack earlier this year and last year fell in the night and broke her pelvis. Prior to that her life has been pretty health problem-free aside from an appendicitis and emergency appendectomy in the early 1990s. That she has suddenly experienced a surge in health issues to go with ongoing, long-term age related wear and tear has me a bit concerned. I realize I cannot take any time with her for granted and I better enjoy her while she is still in my life. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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