Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gary's Original Sandwich Shop

Gary's Original Sandwich Shop existed briefly in the 1990's in Atascadero, CA. It was in the little building at the northwest corner of Morro Rd. and Atascadero, Ave. My mother and I picked up sandwiches there all the time when it was in business. It was so amazingly good I wrongly assumed Gary couldn't have come from around here, but was some sort of Southern California chef who headed back down south when it closed down.
Fast forward to 2010 when I started attending North County Christian Fellowship in Paso Robles, CA. There I met associate pastor Gary Del Georgio, the cooking and baking associate pastor who turned out to be none other than THAT Gary. I collect paper menus of places I frequent for food. If I like the place I keep their menu after they close down if/when that happens. I always regretted neglecting to save my Gary's menu. Photos courtesy of Gary Del Georgio (all rights reserved).

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