Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Martian War To End All Wars

My father in Christ, Ted Weber, sent me the link to this today to watch AFTER I finished the rough draft of an important Big Paper whose rough draft is due on Monday in one of my Cal Poly classes. Funny guy, I have been bedeviled (quite literally I believe) by a mental-emotional-psychological crisis and mental block which has prevented me from starting it until tomorrow morning. Anywho, I watched this short film tonight although I was supposed to watch it AFTER I finished the paper. T\his short film really rocks and is so up my alley it confirms that Ted understands me! Thanks Ted, but sorry for not following directions!


  1. When school is out for winter break, you should see the full docu. It's 2 hours long and recreates WWI as the Great Martian War. It's excellent. You almost believe that's what really happened. :-)

    1. They actually did a 2-hour mocumentary or did they merely do the 6-minute preview of it made to look like the larger one was actually done?