Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hallelujah Happy Dance

For the past six and one-half weeks of this fall quarter at Cal Poly I have endured an instructor in my four-unit global geography class who was clearly in over his head and had jumped the shark as a teacher. He was old and confused and disorganized and unfocused. He was also given to inappropriate political and ideological discussion in class which place must be a neutral one. He was a nice guy and I felt sorry for him, but also I felt sorry for us. I was willing to endure it and get my A and then perhaps after the semester mention something to somebody. However, I did not wish to rock the boat, especially as a noob on campus. Today as I waited for class to start having arrived somewhat early I noticed a man and a woman waiting outside the door to the classroom f for the previous class to end and clear out. As it turned out, the man was Terry Jones, department chair of social sciences at the liberal arts school and the woman was none other than Dr. Meg Streiff, professor of geography, who had been on sabbatical until about 48 hours previous. Apparently, the old man got himself fired from all sorts of negative feedback, more from other classes he taught than ours. I found the guy as difficult to learn from as anybody else having probably dosed off in nearly every session of his class. This is the canary in the mine for geography instructors given geography is as much my favorite topic as history or political science or emergency management. I am glad to see him gone as odd and unusual as this situation is, but feel sorry for him hope he will be alright. He would do well to take away from this experience that he should call it good for good and retire. Apparently, he was a sort of last-minute replacement himself at the start of this quarter having been brought in from Colorado. However, clearly there was a breakdown in vetting his ability which is the providence of higher-ups than Old Man Osterroth. Anywho, below are visual representations of how I felt this afternoon upon realizing the old man was out of our picture.

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