Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Graphic of the Day - Celestial Sphere

Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi created this unusual representation of the known universe which he explained this way: “Our Sun and the solar system are at the very center of this image. They are followed by the outer ring of Milky Way Galaxy, one of the two major arms of Milky Way, a ring of other closer galaxies like Andromeda, rest of the cosmos, cosmic microwave background radiation leftover from the big bang, and finally a ring of plasma also generated by the big bang.” Read more about it HERE. To view a more expanded version of this image click HERE and for massively expanded version click on the image in the window accessed via that link. Image courtesy of Pablo Carlos Budassi via Wikipedia (all rights reserved).


  1. Im are glad you like it! Please like my official pages to give support for creating new images like this:

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    1. Pablo,

      Thanks for visiting this blog as well as for posting the links which I've now embedded within my original post. Good luck on your current project(s).