Friday, January 8, 2016

Trespassation & Transgression

Today I realized that in the previous day somebody had stolen two barrels filled with recyclable cans and bottles I was about to redeem this weekend. The barrels were in the carport separating my little house from my landlord's larger home. The carport is accessed from a north-south trending alley which connects the east-west street south of me from the one north of me. Whomever did this took not just my recyclables but the two cans which contained them. This is a theft not worth making a report over but it is in keeping with a trend in Paso Robles of late that has even forced the police department to send out an email informing the citizenry that this is happening (theft in general) and to be on guard. This is a minor thing on a practical level but I feel a sinking sense of being violated and disrespected. Somebody felt entitled to what was not their's and entered my sphere while I was at school. This leaves me with a vague sense of unease and disquiet.

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