Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Crazy California Morning

Weird morning to start the day.... I woke up in Paso Robles to the sounds of loud rain and thunder and vivid lightning which freaked out cat and dog.... a check of Twitter revealed that a house had caught fire in nearby Atascadero due to being struck by lightning and a modular home with a woman inside it was flipped by a weak tornado on the east side of town this a.m. .... then as I left Paso Robles on Spring Street southbound towards US101 riding with my carpool driver (my friend Blake), I noticed an unmarked constable SUV with front hidden lights all lit up headed back to the police station, the driver having forgotten his lights were still on.... my carpool driver had seen him and another constabulary unit searching a car over by the Arco Station on Niblick Road en route to pick me up.... on the south side of the Cuesta Grade en route to Cal Poly we, encountered the aftermath of an apparent police chase with about eight constabulary autos, a fire truck, and an ambulance all parked behind it, but some distance away from a car that had driven northbound off the highway and up a hill a short distance. It turns out the car contained a woman driver threatening to harm herself and which standoff lasted most of the morning.... we arrived on campus to no buses running and a Cal Poly text alert informing us that a bomb threat shut down all San Luis Obispo bus service and we learned later it was a Cal Poly student who prompted it as the bus entered the campus while packed with student en route to class.... then during the second half of my first class which runs from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., a raging thunderstorm swept over campus with torrential rains, high winds, and pounding thunder all three of which I could hear (as well as a girl's shriek at one point) from inside my classroom down in the bowels of the PAC (Performing Arts Center).... fortunately, the afternoon and evening today were much more sedate.

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