Monday, January 25, 2016

Graphic of the Day - So Elemental A Table Too

When looking at/thinking about minerals it is important to think about not only the elements which comprise them (or that they are if they are elemental minerals) but also it is important to think about from whence and when those elements originated. Being the visual creature I am given I am a male of my species, I really like this modality of explaining the origins of various types of known elements. In the Nuclear Science class I am currently taking at Cal Poly we have delved into the origins of the various elemental groupings and I have learned things I never knew before which has been exciting. I enjoy having filled any important gaps in my knowledge of how things work and how they came to be. This is the second time that some formulation of the periodic table has appeared in this Graphic of the Day column on my blog with the previous one being HERE. Chart courtesy of NASA's Cmglee (all rights reserved).

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