Monday, January 11, 2016

Scripture of the Day - Paul (Rom.12:18)

Over time, I keep hearing my more virulently Conservative Christian friends and acquaintances (not all of them, but some of them) rail against the underlying message represented in the COEXIST bumper-sticker which features each letter stylistically featuring some identifying symbolic element of a different great faith in the world.

What I suspect they are offended by is the idea that all the world's faith's are equally valid and like spokes of a wheel all lead to the Creator of all things but merely represented differently in various cultures. Certainly, that is the underlying message by those who sport these bumper-stickers on their automobiles. I agree that there is only one way leading to God because God Himself has made that abundantly clear. However, the concept of "coexist" is fundamentally Christian and also a direct command from the throne room of heaven to God's people living on this Earth. Below is the best characterization of this command:
"To the degree possible and whenever you can, live at peace with all people."
~ Romans 12:18 (Kimicus ad Aburdum translation)

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