Saturday, January 9, 2016

When PC-Denying Becomes PC

Yet another emotionally-crippled, thin-skinned, chicken-hearted, intellectually-vapid Liberal "friend" of mine just bugged out of an open and respectful debate on Cultural War matters. Tonight's short-lived dialogue on Facebook was about the question of PC (political correctness) actually existing or not. This person just shut down the debate by locking me out. The irony is that this person took the position that PC only exists in the minds of Conservatives who want to talk smack about minorities and women. That is such a stupid and spurious over-generalization to begin with and itself is an example of PC which is designed, amongst other things, to shut down open debate. What happened tonight shows this person does not live in the real world but rather in a self-righteous Liberal bubble of denial. This person just confirmed that PC actually exists and is commonly promulgated by Liberal pseudo-intellectuals like this person of whom I speak. Liberals like this person want to live in a "safe space" where their overly-simplistic assumptions are never challenged, but rather are validated and they themselves are reaffirmed. For this person, denial is not a river in Egypt and irony is not a type of metal.
On another note, Liberals and Conservatives are not one iota fundamentally different. However, there are some cultural differences. Conservatives, who are not correct any more often than Liberals, will argue incessantly and even viciously but they will not unfriend you or block you or delete your comments, while Liberals will do it more often than not it seems in my experience. Conservatives are stubborn and hard and often wrong. Liberals are stubborn and soft and often wrong.

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