Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Auralphilic Aquaphobic

I recently changed my music selection in my car's cd changer, placing some older 2000s electronica stuff. An early surprise has been the 2005 compilation cd Perfect Remixes Vol. 3 featuring DJ Tiesto remixes. One of the surprises rediscoveries has been this fine specimen of late 1990s trance, to wit, "Aquaphonic" remixed by Tiesto and DJ Jim in 1998. This is a longer version than even the one featured in my cd but it is great stuff, probably best suited to listening to at night or while driving over distance. I recommend skipping the first 1:08 and get to the real heart of the track which has an atmospheric and moody and haunting quality to go with a good trance beat which alternatingly builds tension and breaks down with a drop or two. Note: the background image is by George Grie and entitled "Final Frontier Voyager" (2005) and is an example of Neosurrealism.

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