Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Picture of the Day - Earthquake Pyrite

A friend, brother in Christ, and fellow rock enthusiast, whom I first met way back in the late 2000s at a gun show at the Midstate Fairgrounds at which I was selling rocks (go figure, but it was worth it as I had no competition) told me about these stones at that time and showed me some images on his smartphone. I figured I'd never see him again but then later met him at Band of Brothers. He offered to share some of this material gratis. I countered that I'd give him a meteorite in exchange which I did (he got a Canyon Diablo specimen). This past weekend at the 26th Annual Rockhounds Roundup Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show at the very same Midstate Fairgrounds in the very same building, he dropped these off for me. They are pyrite pieces that broke off of an outcropping on this man's ranch along the inland margins of the Santa Lucia Range in northern San Luis Obispo County during the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake. Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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