Saturday, April 1, 2017

My First Encounter With Trump (Sorta)

Donald Trump endorsed the multi-level marketing telecommunications firm
“American Communications Network” just as the company was failing.

On this April Fool's Day, for some reason I am reminded of the time back in 2009 when I was being consumed by the Great Recession and my former world was in collapse. Somebody with whom I went to high school invited me over to a gathering to recruit new customers/sales reps for this product for this pyramid scheme, er, multi-level marketing scheme. I was desperate so I attended as I was not informed as to the nature of what the gathering was about aside from it being a business opportunity. The centerpiece of the night was an all-too smooth and enthusiastic endorsement video featuring Donald Trump extolling the virtues of this product and the company which markets it. My bullshit alarm was triggered and I never contacted the person again. Seven years later, millions of Americans got swindled by this master swindler selling an even more defective product: himself. Of course, this comes the day after Donald Trump who as Candidate Trump promised to fight lawsuits against his now-defunct and discredited Trump University swindle. Yesterday, he agreed to pay his victims $25 million which most agree was a bargain for the President.

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