Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Choose To Be Free

Today on my way to visit Loved One who is currently not living free, and in some respects I'm not, either, I realized "Be Free" by Live Element was playing and then and there I rediscovered it 15 years after finding it in the early 2000s when it was released in 2001 and I first encountered it in the 2002 mix cd Party Time 2002 Continuous Mix by DJ Escape. Back then, I liked the repetitive house music sound. Today, I liked what it actually says which although limited in words, emphasis through repetition the idea of "Be Free..... In Your Life.... Be Free" and "Open your mind.... and Be Free." Although this song is secular, I find a very Christian message potentially contained therein as God has called us to be free through Him and to not be a slave to anything.

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