Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why I Unsubbed From MoveOn.Org Tonight

Tonight I unsubscribed from I'm not a member of that particular narrow cultural-political sub-culture of touchy-feely Liberal activism. However, the mother of the girl I once thought I'd marry once invited me to sign a MoveOn.Org page about opposing California State Park's then-attempt to destroy a stand of eucalyptus trees in their quixotic quest to eliminate non-native flora in state parks. I signed the online petition as I have always opposed that idea even when it came up locally in San Simeon State Park back in the 2000s. Since then I kept myself signed up for MoveOn.Org's regular emails about other online petition in the spirit of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

However, the intellectual turning point for me was tonight when I was asked to sign my name to oppose the current President's decision today to punish Syria for launching a chemical attack against its own people by tonight firing 50 cruise missiles at a single Syrian Air Force Base, hitting all but one intended target and killing some Syrian military personnel. The mentally-retarded, spiritually dead, morally bankrupt milquetoast pantywaist Liberals behind this email announcing the petition drive had the temerity to write: "It's an illegal and unauthorized escalation that could have devastating consequences, killing innocent Syrians and costing the lives of U.S. service members." Of course, this neglects to acknowledge that Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama also employed "cruise missile diplomacy" during their tenures. President Obama pussied out of enforcing his own "line in the sand" stand against chemical weaspons being used in Syria by the government against its citizens a few years ago when he got out-foxed by Russian dictator V. Putin. Thus emboldened, Putin subsequently sent Russian air combat assets to Syria and thus blocked much additional U.S. action in many parts of Syria that might help protect more people from being gassed by the Assad regime in Syria. Don't get me wrong: I viscerally detest President Trump, even more so than former President Obama whom I also revile.

I'll be the first to admit Trump is an abject and utter liar and hypocrite to sanctimoniously and self-righteously talk during the election of taking care of America first and staying out of foreign entanglements only to launch about 50 cruise missiles at Syria over some atrocity there which does not effect Americans and which course of actions puts us on a collision course with Russian which possesses over 7,000 nuclear weapons. Trump has turned out to be either just as big a liar and hypocrite as any professional politician, only worse because he claimed to be something different, OR he has been telling the truth as he knows it but is so over his depth and so wishy-washy and impulsive that he literally just changed his mind entirely in regards to U.S. interests in Syria. Perhaps is daughter, who seems to be the conscience of the Trump Administration, was bothered by this latest atrocity in Syria and whispered in his ear to do something about it. Or perhaps Syrian President Assad and his gas attack are being used to distract the American people and rally support for Trump whose popularity with the American people is at a historic low for new Presidents in the modern era.

However, that being said, Trump did do something tonight that was beyond mere Liberal platitudes and righteous indignation and hand-wringing such as the aforementioned Progressive online petitioners would advocate. Rather, he did something which could possibly do nothing to fix anything or actually change everything. At least Trump's seemingly impulsive and reckless action, as an act of change relative to Obama-era policies, can reasonably be considered as a possible solution to the problem of the use of Syrian WMD's in their ongoing insurrection. The status quo has not worked. The Lib-tard opposition to this cruise missile strike on an air force base as if that was a huge risk of civilian casualties on a level comparable to the gas attack on the Syrian people today reinforces my view that many Liberals are either evil and/or stupid people and and that Liberalism in America is a mental illness for many such infected people.

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