Thursday, June 22, 2017

Favorite 2017 Yearbook Student Comments

Last year when I could not really afford it, I purchased an Atascadero High School 2016-2017 yearbook. At the time I wondered if I made a mistake doing that. I do not ponder that possibility anymore as it has been proven untrue. That same yearbook has become one of my most precious possessions. It is filled with comments and feedback from my tenth-grade world history students at Atascadero High School where I served as a student teacher in Cal Poly's single subject teaching credential post-baccalaureate program. What I found in my yearbook inspires me to want to further pursue the teaching career provided I do not subsequently find God taking me down a different avenue. Some of these comments make me want to burst with pride for these kids and gives me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as they reveal I reached these kids and even positively affected their lives in some measure in a few cases. Below are my favorites.
  • "Mr. Noyes, Thank you for being a great history teacher. This class has made me realize my love for history and has helped me decide that I will major in it in college. Thank you for the great year." - Alicia R. 
  • "Mr. No-yes, It was a fun semester with you this year. I like your teaching style where you integrate the media with our classes (showing us videos like documentaries or movie clips). I think it's important (especially in a history class) for students to be able to connect the real world to the classroom. I hope you have a successful teaching carreer and continue to reach the mass # of kids with lessons that actually matter." - Summer L. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, If we are going to be honest, you are my favorite teacher this year. Thank you for putting our education over everything else, and for always finding a way to make us happier and laugh, a lot! Hope you have a fricking amazing summer." - Sydney M. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, It has been fantastic being in your class. At first I was worried about going from an "experienced" teacher, like Tomasini, to someone who has never taught before, but what surprised me is that I looked forward to coming to this class because I learned a lot and had a great time while doing so. So, thank you for an amazing year. It has been an honor being one of your first students." - Cooper H. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, It was absolutely amazing having you teach me history. Having someone as new and chill like you was just what the class needed. You have a perfect balance between chill and informative. Have an awesome summer and I'll see you next year. - Tristan M. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, Thank you for being one of the kindest, most understanding teachers. I really appreciate all the help you have given to not only me, but all the students you have come to know. Good luck with your career I know you will do amazing things!" Camryn B. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, It's been great getting to know you through these couple of months. You are definitely one of the nicest and coolest teachers I have had. I hope to see you after this school year. And thanks for having all those cool talks with me after class and during lunch. Your first favorite student." - Kyle S.  
  • "Mr. Noyes, I appreciate you taking over this semester & trying very hard to help us! You are an amazing teacher, definitely believe you were meant to teach! Thank you for being so patient and caring!" - Camille T.
  • "Mr. Noyes, You have always been such a compassionate and fun teacher to have. Anyone can tell that you love teaching and any class would be lucky to have you: Thank you for such a fun and amazing year!" - Katherine L.
  • "Dear Mr. Noyes, I am so very glad to have you as my history teacher. It was the light of my day seeing you every odd day. It's been a great pleasure having you here to teach us. You're going to be a great teacher when you have your own classroom. Please come to visit us and when I make it to the WNBA I'll make sure to mention you in my dedication. Have a freaking great summer!" - Zandra F. 
  • "Noyes, Tbh your pretty dang cool, keep up the good work, your a great teacher and I love how you really try to bond with us. I hope your summer is bomb. See you next year!" - Cameo C.
  • "Mr. Noyes, You are the best teacher ever thank you for being here and helping me with so much good luck with your career I know you will be an amazing teacher" - Jared B.
  • "Mr. Noyes, You're such an amazing teacher and I'm glad I've had this opportunity to learn from you. Your future classes are going to be lucky to have you. Thanks for always showing us dank memes. P.S. Period Five is the best." - Katherine S. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, Your the best teacher this year! Wish you teach longer caused you would touch their hearts like you did to mine. I'm gonna miss you." - Trinidad M.
  • "Mr. Noyes, You have been an amazing teacher and helping hand in the classroom. You have a great personality and connect well with the students (which is not a skill a lot of teachers have.) Keep up the good work and don't ever change. You're amazing!" - Kenny N.
  • "You made history a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be! Also you made me have a genuine interest in history and I thank you for that! Keep teaching the way you are and thanks for dealing with our class!" - Dalexi D. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, this was my favorite class since you started teaching you're very understanding and thank you for throwing in some humour." - Norma A. 
  • "Mr. Noyes, It was great having you as a teacher. This class was my favorite. You were the only teacher that actually said my last name right ha! Have a good summer." - Josy T. 
  • "Mr. Noyse, It was cool meeting you this year. It's definitely been one interesting year in Period 1 history! I appreciate you publicly proclaiming your faith. Never stop looking up & seeking Him! Good luck with your teaching career! Joshua 1:9" - Sarah Beth P. 
  • "Thank you so much for being such a positive teacher and always cheering me up when I came to your class. You were a great student teacher." - Ava T.

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  1. As a high school teacher of 34 years retired for 4 years now, my yearbooks filled with wonderful comments from students are some of my Treasured Memories and possessions. I can see from what they said about you Kim that you are going to be a great addition to the world of Education. High school kids these days are in desperate need of good role models and people who'd really take an interest in them and teaching provides an amazing opportunity for just that. May God continue to bless you as you serve the Youth of our country.