Monday, June 19, 2017

Picture of the Day - My Diana March Wish List

For several months now the idea of acquiring a Diana March original piece has grown in my mind as a higher and higher priority in life. She is my favorite wire-wrap jewelry artist and until the past year or so, I have not really been a jewelry-wearing kind of guy. A few years ago I commissioned her to create a custom wire-wrap around a stone I provided which finished product you can  see HERE. However, that is not the same as a Diana March original wherein she selects the stone or fossil or artifact and creates custom jewelry around it with her amazing eye for design and respect for the stone or fossil or artifact. Her motto is "Always honor the stone" which she does with religious conviction and faithfulness.

After missing a few Cayucos/Cambria shows, she and Max were back this past weekend for 2nd Annual Spring Cambria Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show. Nobody was happier to see them than me. In my next post HERE I will show you what I acquired today. For now, here in the photos above and below is the short list from which I desire to acquire (God-willing) one such piece (and yes, those are meteorites) when she comes back into town at the end of next October. All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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