Sunday, June 25, 2017

Terrible Beauty in Slow-Mo

My current musical obsession is the piece below from the soundtrack of a new dystopian sci-fi fave of mine which I re-watched a few nights ago and has become my latest cult favorite movie, to wit, Dredd. This second go-around watching it, was in super 4K HD. Not only did I notice how much more of a great movie it is the second time around but the sound and video quality were stunning at times, none more so than when this music is playing when people are using the fictional futuristic drug Slo-Mo which makes the user experience time at 1/100th of reality in a very hazy dreamy euphoria. The movie is set in an environmentally and socially post-apocalyptic dystopian future where life is rough for the urban-bound denizens of the super-cities where the survivors try to eke out a soul-crushing existence, many of them in "tower blocks", 200-story apartment tenements designed to house many thousands of people. This movie centers around a conflict in a tower block named "Peach Trees". To see this Paul Leonard-Morgan-created haunting atmospheric ambient musical score played to scenes from the movie in which it is played go HERE.

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