Friday, June 16, 2017

Picture of the Day - Four Degrees of Tobin James

This afternoon into this evening I worked parking at Calcareous Vineyard on Peachy Canyon Road west of Paso Robles, CA. While sitting in a garden chair resting in the shade near the end of my shift near the front of the operation where I commanded a view of any incoming or outgoing autos, I was met by Tobin James as he left the event. We struck up a charming conversation for a few minutes where we discussed how perfect things were in that time and place with the only thing lacking being some nice-looking ladies sitting at the table next to me (and he was sooo right). As a parting comment I jokingly yelled to him as he walked away that I would buy a bottle of TB on the way home. (Degree of Tobin James #1)

 A short time later at Smart & Final in Paso Robles, I actually purchased a bottle of his "Dream Weaver" sparkling wine as well as of his "Chateau Le Cacheflo" (a red wine "Mediterranean Blend") pictured above. (Degree of Tobin James #2)

While in the checkout line loading my groceries onto the checkout conveyor, the bottle of the red wine (pictured above) accidentally slipped out one of the gaps in the child seat of the shopping cart as I had neglected to flip up the plastic guard. The bottle shot to the floor and exploded leaving a gory mess that quickly ran across the floor towards the lowest point (under the Cosmopolitan Magazines), filling the immediate environment with a strong aroma that was "On the nose, fruit forward casis, blackberry, jammy, spices like nutmeg, vanilla, tobacco box and cedar." (Degree of Tobin James #3)

Of course, not willing to accept defeat, I grabbed a replacement bottle of the aforementioned red blend and headed home where I am currently imbibing the blend as I write this. (Degree of Tobin James #4)

Photo by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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