Friday, January 13, 2017

Colonial Atascadero Time Capsule Opened

This afternoon at Atascadero High School, a local history encounter broke out at a faculty development meeting. After school as faculty filed into the library for the school-wide meeting, Principal Neely directed staff to behold the just-released contents of the time capsule discovered beneath the cornerstone of the original Margarita Black Union High School building on campus (now called the "B Building"). This structure will soon be torn down to make way for progress and better earthquake safety. The artifacts interred in the time capsule fell into four basic categories: school-related papers, city-related photos, various newspapers, and coins. The time capsule was interred on May 2, 1921. The entire contents of the time capsule have been digitally preserved for posterity per the local historical society. I do not wish to caption each image as I do not know much minutiae about Atascadero history and most people taking the time to read this blog know more about it than me I suspect. In a few instances I will remark for the benefit of those readers knowing even less than I do. Enjoy!

Time capsule cylinder

Some coins of realm were included in the time capsule contents for good measure.

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