Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quote of the Day - Detective Thorne

Tonight I watched the entirety of the 1973 dystopian movie Soylent Green and was struck by this comment by Charlton Heston's Detective Thorne early in the movie:

"I know. Sol. You told me before. A heat wave all year long. A greenhouse effect. Everything is burning up."
~ Detective Thorne

Indeed, throughout the movie it is made clear that a permanent heat wave is in place in New York City in 2022. This is but one more anecdote that gives the lie to the Conservative myth that climate change advocates in the 1970s were exclusively worried about a coming ice age and global warming was not yet "a thing."

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  1. It was a myth. Back then most scientists were concerned about future global warming. Two 'scientists' came out blasting with a dramatic "Ice Age" story that was quickly shot down by other scientists, but the "if it bleeds it leads" news broadcast the ice age theory with barely a mention of the counter evidence.