Friday, January 27, 2017

I Have Become A Teacher!

This week was a transformative period in time for me. I entered it feeling like a "student teacher" and exited it feeling like a real teacher, a professional educator. In fact, had I had my act together and my "sub papers" completed with the Atascadero Unified School District I would have been literally a professional educator as I would have been paid $121 per day for all five days of this work week as my master teacher was out of town dealing with a family health matter. I've had many things on my plate to divert my attention from doing that, plus my own procrastination combined with mistakenly believing it was more trouble than it actually is. I will fix this next week so I get paid for subbing in the future. Anywho, I digress.

This week I created all my own lesson plans which I actually taught all six periods of tenth grade world history in 85-minute block periods. I employed many of the pedagogical techniques I have been trained at Cal Poly to use in my classroom and I allowed my God-given talents and God-shaped personality to blend with that training to create a classroom environment that engaged, challenged, and taught students important details about World War One and how they relate to these very students in their lives today. From some of the formative assessments I conducted this week I know that as a group each class "got it" and in the process we bonded. Tonight I am exhausted but feel wonderful.

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